Twinlo Beverage Mart

Twinlo Beverage Mart, Inc.

Nearly half a century ago, Twinlo Beverage Mart was founded as the Greater Niagara Region’s only full service drive-through beer wholesale and retail center. Today, we have expanded our product line to be arguably the most comprehensive of any flavor pallet available in Buffalo-Niagara while maintaining efficient and effective car side service.

Easy to find, just off the I-190 at exit 23 Porter at Packard Road in the Town of Niagara, Twinlo is open seven days a week for your shopping convience.


With comprehensive car side service, the only reason to leave the comfort of your car is to experience the frozen air of our walk-in refrigerated warehouse or the scores of import and craft brews lining the shelves while our employees assist you with lifting and shopping.

The interconnectedness of America and the world has brought an incredible selection of beers to Buffalo-Niagara – we here at Twinlo think that every person deserves to experience these flavors. By offering each product that we carry for sale by the bottle, we give you access to sample beverages while limiting the risk to you, the customer.

If draft beer is more your style, Twinlo’s draft specialists can help you design and install in-home keg systems – just call for an appointment or consultation! But, if you like the uniqueness of draft without the commitment of the system, we too offer growler service. Specializing in craft and import draft beer, we have a rotating menu heavily influenced by customer suggestion.


With nearly 9,000 cubic feet of state of the art cold room space, we house well over 3,000 cases of beer at any one time, ensuring that the brew you desire is ice cold and ready to enjoy – at home, of course.

Kegs come in all shapes and sizes when they are shipped from abroad and often need special taps. We have access to every sort of tap style and work to get the product to you as comfortably as possible.

Green Redemption Inititive

Twinlo Beverage supports keeping our home clean and beautiful. No matter where you bought, found, or picked up your empty bottles or cans, stop in and let our employees quickly count your returns and serve you – saving you time and gas and ensuring a clean future of Niagara.


Whether you need a Bottle, Pack, Case or Keg we have YOUR brand in stock, stop by today.




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