Imported Beer

Twinlo prides itself on a wide selection of European, Mexican, and foreign beers. Come re-live your vacation memories with us and find the beverage that others dont carry. In the case of the slight chance that we do not have your product, we can special order almost any beer for you.


Abby Ale Heineken
Amstel Light Heineken Dark
Bass Ale Heineken Light
Beck’s Hoeguarden
Beck’s Light Kirin ichiban
Becks Dark Lindemans
Bitburger Negra Modela
Boddington Newcastle
Carlsburg Orval
Chimay Blue Pacifico
Chimay White Pauliner
Corona Peroni
Delerium Pilsner Urquel
Dos Equis Amber Red Stripe
Dos Equis  Lager Rochfort  10
Duvel Rochfort  8
Guinness Black Lager Rochfort 6
Guinness Draught Smithwicks
Guinness Extra Stout Spaten
Harp Stella Artois

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