Container Returns

This is a service we provide for our customers.

Glass Bottles should be returned in their original package, or STANDING UPRIGHT in a suitable cardboard box

ALL Containers should be drained.

Cans and PLASTIC bottles may be returned in plastic (trash) bags,
but please refrain from returning empties in small plastic grocery bags

We do not accept non deposit containers.

DO NOT Return garbage with your empty containers.  We reserve the right to refuse your bags that contain trash.

DO NOT CRUSH Plastic Bottles or Cans.  We can not accept containers that are crushed.

Special arrangements must be made for large quantities of empties

We cannot legally take containers that have not been assigned a deposit; they will be returned to you.

Container Returns 240 Maximum per day
Are accepted:
10:30 AM till 5:00 PM  Monday thru Saturday
Sunday between Noon and 2 PM







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